Lesson Plans
Speech Period 4 1st Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/09/2006 Instructor: Carolyn Enstad Academics
"I've learned that nothing of value comes without effort." Age 41 (quote taken from "Live and Learn And Pass It On") by: H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)
Students will present their Personal Experience Speeches today. Speakers 1, 2, 3,4
Questions, dicussions and evaluation will take place following the speeches.
Self-evaluation, peer evaluations and teacher evaluation will be in place.
"I've learned that kindness is more important than perfection.' Age 70
Day2-Personal Experience Speeches
Same as above with speakers 1,2,3,4 speaking today.
"I've learned that people are about as happy as decide to be." Age 79
Day 3-Personal Experience Speeches
Same as above with speakers 1,2,3,4 speaking today
"I've learned that it makes me feel sad when I am the last one chosen for a team." Age 9
-discussion and final comments on our Personal Experience Speeches
-Lecture on Introductions and Conclusions
-Computer Lab time at Media Center Lab for writing examples of various types of introductions and conclusions
"L've learned that if you stay focused on yourself, you are guaranteed to be miserable." Age 71
Students will complete their work on writing samples of introductions and conclusions
-students are to meet in the Media Center Computer Lab