Lesson Plans
Speech Period 4 2nd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/27/2006 Instructor: Carolyn Enstad Academics
'It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." Somerset Maugham
finalize our Brown Bag Speeches
students will run a time check
speaking order will be established
"Unless you try and do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." Ralph Waldo Emerson
Presentation of our brown bag speeches
"Be yourself; an original is always better than a copy."
finish the Brown Bag Speeches
Chapter 2-worksheets
language lesson in slang
group work on chapter 2 in Dynamics of Speech
"Regardless of your past, your future is a clean slate."
Intros and conclusions
Body language Booklet-assign
"The mind is like a parachute, functioinng only when open."
Impromptu speaking-fun friday!