Lesson Plans
Super Read 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/22/2008 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Super Read and ELL
1. Go over game with homophones
2. Quiz to S.R. over "Ox Bow" worksheet #1 using books.
3. Assign: Worksheet # 2-begin to work on.
ELL Read-Hand back "Healthy" handout-go over vocab for quiz on Tuesday. Go over words drawn on page.
Go over "Education" worksheet
Hand back old papers.
Super Read
1. Read "Ox Bow" assign. aloud (students) for lst part of period.
2. Discuss vocab so far for "Ox Bow"-continue reading on own.
ELL Read-Work on new handout-"Shopping Day"
1. Have them read on their own the first section of Dracula.
2. During their time, read this section aloud, discussing vocabulary
Super Read
1. Hand out another word game for all to work on.-Due of Friday
2. Go over "Ox Bow" # 2 reading aloud with students
ELL Read
1. Handout "Mary Walks Home" add degree of difficulty-due Thursday
2. Read "Dracula" discuss the horror story-Begin to build vocab list.
Super Read
1. Hand out "Ox Bow" # 3 worksheet, work on in class
ELL Read
1. Go over "Mary Walks Home"-collect for points
2. Read"Dracula" aloud
Super Read and ELL
1. Go over Word Game from Wednesday
2. S.R. work on worksheet # 3"Ox Bow"
ELL Read
1. Work on new handout for Monday-"Elevator romance"
2. Read"Dracula" aloud/discuss/look at vocab words.