Lesson Plans
Super Read 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/20/2008 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
ELL-continue to read "Dracula", Ch. 7 & 8
underline vocabulary, take short quiz on characters
S.R.-Finish handout on Tables, how to read different kinds
1:00-tape "Ox Bow"
ELL-finish Ch. 7 & 8 reading aloud
S. R. -Work on "Ox Bow" Worksheet # 6
When done, start to work on comprehension questions on four different kinds of reading
1:00-"Ox Bow"
ELL-take vocabulary test, can use "Dracula" material, when done join rest of group
S. R. -Begin to go over the Comprehension readings and questions, discussing the different things that are asked and how to approach those kinds of questions, Finish on Thursday if need the time.
1:00 -"Ox Bow"
ELL-Continue with Ch. 9 & 10 in "Dracula", reading on own
S.R. Read aloud "Ox Bow" #6 worksheet together-
1:00"Ox Bow" movie if any left, if not, begin TABOO/team tournament

ELL-Start Ch. 9 & 10 in "Dracula" reading aloud
S.R. 10 point MC quiz over next section of "Ox Bow"
1:00-TABOO/team tournament