Lesson Plans
Technical Writing 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/05/2001 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Go over syllabus for class.
Give opening notes on Technical writing rules.
Hand out analysis to be done orally on Tues. They must also turn in paper at time of presentation.
Each student picks a type of technical writing to analyze.
Oral presentations on various kinds of technical writing. Collect sheet also.
Grading based on how much thought went into analysis.
Continue notes on basic technical writing rules.
Hand out Directions project handout.
Have those absent do oral report.
Continue on with directions handout discussing rules for directions. These notes will be on quiz over Directions.
Do initial planning for project. Show examples of best work.
By end of period, must have an idea of what project will be for Directions writing.
Assign: Thurs. -Quiz over beginning notes on Technical writing.

Work on rough copy of directions.
Decide what kind of materials and tools will be needed.
Use rough planning guide. Must be included in papers turned in at time of project.
Teacher will pick person to do project. Have two copies of directions, one for teacher, one for person doing project.
Quiz after lunch on early notes. Continue on rough planning.
Word processing on directions project.
Will have to share computers. Only have 20 computers.
Assign: Monday, finish directions. Draw for days to do project. Will try to do 4 each day. Group according to place starting on Tuesday, 11/13/01.