Lesson Plans
Third Grade Music 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/09/2013 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocal Development:tall breaths, yawn at back of throat
Word of the Day:breath, breathe
Part Songs:sing solfege patterns, hold tone, other group sings
Kodaly Work:song booklets next song
Instruments:use bell sets to coincide with part singing (5 children)
Folk Songs/Multicultural:Marching to Pretoria
Mvt./Activities:Come with Me and Dance
Vocal Development:floating sound along with yawn, and tall breaths
Word of the Day:float
Part Songs:same as yesterday
Kodaly Work:lots of takadimi work, use slates for note writing
Instruments:more patterns on bells
Folk Songs/Multicultural:Brother Noah
Mvt./Activities:Button You Must Wander
Vocal Development:melodic direction with our voices, compare to staff
Word of the Day:chord
Part Songs:work on chords
Kodaly Work:tonal dictations with slates
Instruments:use two metallophones and 3 mallets for chords
Folk Songs/Multicultural:But the Cat Came Back
Mvt./Activities:I Wanna Be a Friend
Vocal Development:descending patterns, open vowels
Word of the Day:vowel
Part Songs:Down by the Bay
Kodaly Work:reading tonal patterns, transparencies
Instruments:autoharps with chords for song booklets
Folk Songs/Multicultural:Mama Paquita, Ain't Gonna Rain
Vocal Development:pitch matching
Word of the Day:pitch
Part Songs:holding chords while someone sings
Kodaly Work:same as yesterday
Instruments:same as yesterday
Folk Songs/Multicultural:Jimmie Crack Corn, Old Joe Clark