Lesson Plans
Third Grade Music 2nd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/04/2013 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocalize:low breaths, relaxed throat, lowered tongue
Kodaly Work:story for new rhythm; practice concept songs thus far: Grinding Corn, Letter Song, Haarlem, Dinah. Story for new rhythm
Instruments:playing glockenspiels and metallophones on low la and sol
Folk/Multicultural:Hambone p.74
Mvt./Activities:Play Dr. Knickerbocker
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving
Rounds for the Week: Scotland, Laugh Ha-Ha, Sweetly Sings, Ram Sam, Song of the Frogs, Merrily We Roll,
Vocalize:relaxation combined with energized air; rounds
Kodaly Work:New story "Don't Let the Wind"
Instruments:improvisation for rounds on xylophones, drums
Folk/Multicultural:But the Cat Came Back p.20
Mvt./Activities:Dr. Knickerbocker
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving
Vocalize:working range, combined with air energy;rounds
Kodaly Work:Practice Wind song, Dinah song, start discerning notes
Instruments:improvisation on more rounds with xylophones, maracas
Folk/Multicultural:Ain't Gonna Rain p.24
Mvt./Activities:Ehka Mohda
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving
Vocalize:vowels practice;rounds
Kodaly Work:story for Ding Dong
Instruments:again practice sixteenth note patterns with rounds
Folk/Multicultural:Colorado Trail
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving
Vocalize:air for head tone; rounds
Kodaly Work:drum practice with sixteenth patterns, whole notes, half
Instruments:see above
Folk/Multicultural:review the week's work
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving