Lesson Plans
Third Grade Music 3rd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/03/2014 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Classical Listening:
Listen to a selection several times, then illustrate emotions, images, impressions, ideas, or instruments resulting from hearing it
Classical Listening:
Continue with yesterday and finish drawings. Give titles, and if time do rhythms, movement with form of the piece.
Vocal Development:Relax the body-flow the breath-open the throat-relax the jaw-produce tall vowels
Kodaly Work:writing notes on slates, continue conducting practice
Instruments:preview rhythm arrangement of Old Ark
Folks Songs/Multicultural:new round White Coral Bells
Mvt./Activities:Cheyenne Hand Passing game
Vocal Development:practice in tune intervals from letter ladder
Kodaly Work:rhythm dictations, tonal dictations
Instruments:play rhythm arrangement of Old Ark
Vocal Development:energized tone sent forward
Kodaly Work:work in song booklets
Instruments:add improvised drum patterns to song booklet pieces
Folks Songs/Multicultural:One Day My Mother Went to the Market