Lesson Plans
VanDeVeire 6th Grade 3rd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/08/2010 Instructor: Jolene VanDeVeire Academics
Reading - Food Log Books, Read "FOr the First Time" Context Clues HMWK WK. 211
Weekly Writing - Food
Science - Finish Mold Lab
LA - Spelling Pre-TEst HMWK - Spelling 82 and 20 Sentences
Words - illegal, illogical, illegible, inexpensive, inaccurate, indirect, informal, incapable, incredible, impolite, improper, imperfect, impatient, imbalance, immature, irresponsible, irregular, irrational, irresistible, irreplaceable
Reading - Vocab Start Story "El Guero" HMWk Wk 212

Science - Concert Practice/Immune System Video

LA - Grammar - Using Adjective and Adverbs to Improve Sentences HMWK Grammar 93
Reading - Finish Story HMWk - Wk. 213

Science - Ch. 8 Review

LA - Spelling Game HMWk Spelling 84
Reading - Read "The California Rancheros" HMWK RR 519

Science - Chapter 8 TEst

LA - Grammar Practice HMWK - Grammar 95
Reading - Story Test

Science - Animal Activity

LA - Spelling and Grammar Test
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