Lesson Plans
Video Production 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/19/2013 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Intro to class--objectives/standards; grading: projects 60, effort 20, quiz 10, writings 10; grading scale; activities: projects--story, narrative, psa, readings, responses to reading and to projects, lecture, tutorial; rules: respect, no food/drink, come prepared; independent reading

Story elements--plot/conflict, character, setting, point of view, theme; one paragraph story examples: the medicine bottle, the monster; analyze for conflict; write three one paragraph stories (< .75 page each)--the class are the actors, the setting is 3rd period WWG Campus

Email me a message and report a response

Independent reading--book by tomorrow

Story--type up one paragraph stories; analyze for conflict; view Holzman assignment 6 (http://blog.production-now.com/2006/12/assignment-6-its-all-in-cards.html)

Story--edited vs. unedited, cut ins/cut aways; contrast with examples:
Assignment 1 (samples) answering doorbell (2) (http://blog.production-now.com/2006/12/assignment-1-one-take-wonder.html)
Assignment 2 (samples) answering doorbell (2)( http://blog.production-now.com/2006/12/assignment-2-bits-of-difference.html)
Assignment 1 throwing can (4)
Assignment 2 throwing can (3)
Assignment 2 Tango scene

Discuss making character: girl-student-valedictorian, woman-worker-disgruntled employee, how to make the little boy in The Monster Brother a potential threat: actions, gestures, camera angles

Independent reading

Shots: establishing shot (ES), long shot (LS), medium shot (MS), close up (CU), extreme closeup (ExCU), pan, tilt, dolly/truck, zoom, reaction shot, cut in, cut away

Story--from story to scene; change Holzman's "scene card" to "shot cards"; write up shot cards for each scene and number in upper left; from shot cards to story board; view Assignment 8 (http://blog.production-now.com/2006/12/assignment-8-pencil-and-paper.html); view sophisticated storyboard example (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMMeHPGV5VE); design storyboard (include dialog and again number upper left

Story--presentations in small groups: walk through story boards; from story board to scrip: conventions--location (caps), description of scene (action/setup--in sentences), character (Caps) and speech, type of transition (fade to, dissolve, cut); props in caps; view Assignment 7 (http://blog.production-now.com/search/label/Filmmaking%20101); scripting

Story--type script; the shooting script: arrange your cards in the order in which they'll be shot (number in upper right)

Camera/tripod/audio basics

Story--planning Monday