Lesson Plans
Video Production 1st Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/31/2015 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics

The students are finishing up treatments for their first story project. Theyre working in groups of three. Give them about 20 minutes to finish. If theyre not finished, theyre running behind.

Play the video about the cuts, the link below. Appologize for me that its a pretty boring video, but it has a couple good points. Define pre-roll (a period of video preceding the action of a shot) and post-roll (a period of video following the action of a shot). As the students watch the video, have them answer in their notebooks--what type of cut is used most? what percentage? what does the video call pre-roll and post-roll?

They can talk about the answers as a group.


Then play the video on shooting basic dialogue, having the students note the most basic rule when shooting dialog (and again they should answer in their notebooks, but they may decide on an answer as a group:


Review the two column script we talked about the other day--audio on one side, video on the other, then explain that I want them to do a variation--what well call the narrative script. Pass out the example from The Empire Strikes Back--have them read and note that the script includes narrative/background, descriptions of camera positions and movements, as well as dialogue.

As they finish they can log on to their Google accounts and set up a shared document with their group mates. They are to script a six minute story using the scripting model used in the example; their video must include dialogue; its setting must be on the school grounds; remind them to write clear shot descriptions; they should be finished by Wednesday.

Scripting. The students should be finished with their story scripts by the end of the period. When/if they finish, have them find a youtube video on 3-point lighting.
Camera and tripod operation--settings: apature, shutter speed, quality, automatic settings limitations


Discuss scripts

Story evaluation criteria


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