Lesson Plans
Video Production 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/22/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Intro to the class--objectives, rules, grading: daily assignments/reading/responses, quizzes, projects--25/25/50

Production process--preproduction: treatment writing/scripting/shooting script, site selection, casting; production: shooting/audio capture; post production: capturing, editing (video/audio), special effects, foley, text; read "Preporduction" article (shared document)
Preproduction--review reading

Camera operation--intro "Camera": the buttons--white balance, aperture, focus, gimmicks; read "Camera" (http://video101course.com/camera.html); our camera: find manual white balance adjustor, manual aperture adjustor, manual focus adjustor for two of our cameras
Video Project: using cut ins/cut aways--see examples of a <:60 >:30 second establishing shot; http://blog.production-now.com/search/label/Free%20Film%20School;

in groups type up description of establishing shot/activity (on school grounds, can do multiple takes, no person on person violence; shoot;
Video Project: using cut ins/cut aways--preview "Shots" (http://video101course.com/shots.html): fill the frame/close ups, shot types (establishing, long, etc.), angles, allowing for movement/direction, depth using lines, dynamism; read "Shots";

preview "Editing": juxtaposition, sequence, matched shots, jump cut, screen direction (the axis), pre-roll/post roll; read "Editing"
Video Project: using cut ins/cut aways--plan cut ins/cut aways in groups; shoot

Camera/Shots/Editing--review readings