Lesson Plans
Video Production 4th Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/10/2014 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
1st day of class

Intro to class--objectives, rules, content, grades

Video production process (narrative)--idea (conflict/theme) to story (treatment) to script to the shooting script (shots list) to editing (video and audio processing

Idea--conflict example: Herb's a jerk and Suzi has a chance to get back at him (what's the conflict?) It's pouring out and Suzi sees Herb getting ready to out to his car. He drops his keys without knowing. Suzi notices. If Joe goes out, he'll get soaked searching for his keys. Does Suzi tell him? What's the climax? (the moment when we find out what Suzi will do)

Plot elements--intro to conflict (four types: vs. self, vs. other, vs. society, vs. nature), series of events raising tension or backstory (as needed and in the case of a flashback), climactic moments (technical: moment of conflict resolution, dramatic: moment of greatest excitement), denouement (lessoning tension, tying up loose ends

Theme--definitions (a main idea, what a story is really about), as present in "Keys" above

In groups--three conflicts (back story as needed)/three climaxes

Individually--three conflicts

Do Story Idea Worksheet individually

The treatment--definition: a document that serves to "sell" a project; contains setting info, character info, synopsis, themes

The first project--scope; treatment writing (and treatment evaluation criteria): computer room