Lesson Plans
Visual Art 8B 3rd Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/30/2017 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics

They all get a picture of a bear to draw for the friday drawing.
We wil continue the drawing of shapes . They have taken notes on most of shape.
I will give assignment of cutting shapes out and gluing to the paper. I have a list of what is needed in the shape piece. 1 or more buildings.roof,1 door,8 windows with trim.
5 trees. grass and sky or hills and Mts.
clean up floor
Continue shape assignment as needed. 10 points
clean up floor.
work on friday drawing
notes on baroque art, show of the art of the baroque. 5 points
Barogue is about 1 light source . this is about shapes and value.10 points
Drawing of the flowers on to larger paper. I have a set of flowers to draw and then use oil pastels to color them. 10 points
Finish baroque like flowers.
Friday drawing is due 10 points
If we are caught up and done we will takes notes on value and shading this note taking is mostly drawing 5 points.