Lesson Plans
Visual Arts 7 1st Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/12/2016 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
We had time so I started the shape exercise.Defined shape will need to redefine this later in the week when we do a shape assignment.

Today teach with the Jeffers petroglyphs powerpoint. This is in the art history section.
Students will draw the images I stop on for them to draw.
Hand out assignment let them know the finished piece before they begin.
We will use 1 1/2 size paper,rip the edges, draw 4 images plus a hand sign on, color them and glue on a background color.
Challenge to create a friday drawing using the lines we discussed in line notes, use a ruler!
Finish cave art as needed.
Hand out and glue in history timeline read through.
Back to shape.
on a individual piece of white paper create a house. USe more then 6 colors, 3 stories,door,windows,16 different shapes
shape assignment

Do the first sketches of the lions. it is the first 2 pages,they are line drawings.
Texture assignment is text-draw curvry lines and add textures to them. Demo at least 5 textures to help them get started.