Lesson Plans
Visual Arts 7B 4th Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/14/2016 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
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We will begin the coarse with an overview of what we will be studding.
Next I will have the students compile their paper to make their book. Pages are 6/10/10/20/20 with colored paper in-between. this is stitched in a japanese binding technique. If they are done and ready to go I will have them draw their cover design. Write their name in the upper right corner.
finish their books. While they wait they can also design their back cover.
I have 2 drawings for them to start on. One is two deer and the other is a girl with a cup they draw these in the first section.
Add the syllabus to the first section also.
Begin with the element of art line.
We will take notes on what a line is and then draw a line image.