Lesson Plans
WG Grade Four 2nd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/09/2002 Instructor: Eric Larson Academics
Math: Multiplication Charts
Reading: read "Your Best Friend" work on text organization, work on a funny poem
Grammar: Simple Sentences
Multiage: Travel Unit: Pairs travel to different destinations in the world
Spelling: Pretest, 4 x's each
Math: Multiplication, Practice 4.1
Reading: Build Background, Vocabulary, Begin "I Love Guinea Pigs"
Grammar: Compound and Complex Sentences
Weekly Reader
Multiage: research countries, fill out report
Spelling: P. 30, ABC order
Math: Multiplication, 5 & 10, Another Look and Practice 4.2
Reading: Text Structure p. 73, Author Look, Comprehension, Vocabulary
Grammar: Compound and Complex Sentences
Multiage: Share our country reports
Spelling: 20 sentences, Cherry Pie
Math: Division 4.3 arrays and Practice sheet
Reading: read "What You Always Wanted to Know About Pets"
writing: Would I like a guinea pig?
Grammar: Compound and complex sentences
Multiage: Begin new country reports
Spelling: pg 31 and 32 in book
Math: Dividing by 5 & 10, Prac and Enr. sheets
Reading: Guided Reading Groups
Grammar: Compound and Complex sentences
Spelling: Test
Practice for Holiday program in gym.