Lesson Plans
WG Grade Three 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/23/2002 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
Math - Rocket math Problem Solving Page 24-25
Reading - Skill Cause and Effect, read "Annabell's Party" page 90-91and
do web on friends, Do vocab chart
English - Review subjects page 8
Multi - Have students continue on State project use e-library
Spelling - go over all vowels and do page 13. Hand out list
Skills - Map work from reading wb. page 20
Math - Rocket math using subtraction page 27 5-27
Reading - Put up vocab. chart and review words do page 32 together
Read page 92-105 do ws. 33
English - review predicates pages 9-10
Multi - Continue working of facts for poster
Spelling - Begin tracking and do wb. 14
Skills - Map Skills weekly reader
Math - Rocket math Do practice 1.12 subtraction
Reading - Listen to the story and answer questions on page 107
English -Put subjects and predicates to use page 11
Multi - work on poster of state
Spelling - play sparkle and do more tracking
Skills - Math facts
Math - Rocket math Adding and subtracting 9 page 29 12-32
Reading - Health connection page 108-109 Cause and Effect page 34 and drawing conclusions page 37
English - teach declarative sentences and interrogative sentences
Multi - Share poster with class
Spelling - Do page 15-16
CPT 2 hours late
Reading - Finish Leveled readers
English - Write a story
Multi - Vikings math
Spelling - Test
Weekly Reader