Lesson Plans
WG Grade Three 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/30/2002 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
Math - rocket math do practice math 1.13 and begin page 30 as a whole group
Reading - Intro. activity on page 110 Read 110-111 and do wb. 41 Introduce vocab. page 112b
English -Subjects and predicate page 11
Multiage - Information on the Native Americans of the Northeast
Spelling - Give list do page 17 and 48 in practice book Listen to phonics song
Skill - map skill from weekly reader
Math - rocket math Do 1.14
Reading - Review vocabulary Preview and redict on page 113 Synonyms read the story pages 113-129
English - Discuss statements do page 12
Multiage - Information activity on Jamestown
Spelling - do page 18 in spelling book and 49 in practice
Skill - Map from wb. 20 Manuel
Math - rocket math problem solving do together pages 32-33
Reading -Bingo with vocab. read story to partner
Multiage - Begin Minnesota fish go through diagram
Spelling - page 19 in book go through phonics songs
Math - rocket math problem solving 1.15 do in groups
Reading - Do leveled paractice on Character and reader response together Read leveled readers
English - Statements and questions page 13
Multiage - begin reports on a fish or freshwater creature
Math - rocket math Chapter 1 test
Give Spelling test
Reading - Physical ed. connection pages 131-133 Character and cause and effect page 47
English - Write a story
Multiage - Work on report