Lesson Plans
WG Grade Three 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/21/2002 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
Math - Rocket math Problem solving page 52-52b
Reading - Skill lesson graphic sourcespage 144-145 pb. 51 Introduce vocab. Have students draw pictures Listen to the story
English - Review commands and exclamations page 21, clear and interesting sentences page 22
Multiage - Begin Minnesota fish go through diagram and brainstorm ideas
Spelling - Put words in abc order and do page 21, listen to phonics story and do word study page 58
Skills - weekly reader skill pages 9-10
Math - Rocket math midchapter review page 53 and math world pages 54-55
Reading - Vocab. review read story in pairs and do page 53 give leveled skill test
English - clear and interesting sentences pages 23-24
Multiage - begin fish report
Spelling - do page 22 and study with a partner phonics page 59
Skills - practice book page 50
Math - Rocket math Mental math addition and subtraction. pages 56-57 do prac. 2-7
Reading - graphic source page 121TE main idea and supporting details page 57
Multiage - Work on fish report Watch video
Spelling - Matching compound words and page 23
Skills - Around the world
Math - Rocket math page 57 4-26 and 27-28 together
Reading - leveled readers
English - Clear and interesting sentences page 25
Multiage - Finish reports
Spelling - page 24 and sparkle
Skills - spanish
English - Write a story
Multiage - Show reports and watch video
Spelling - Test
Skills - weekly reader