Lesson Plans
WG Grade Three 2nd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/11/2002 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
Math- Rocket Math Coin Patterns 2.11
Reading- Fact and opinion page 81 read 208-209 Prior knowledge and word posters
English-Library, brainstorm topic page 28 in grammar book
Multiage- Matter Water olympics
Spelling-page 33 in abc order and page 88 in practice biik
Veteran's program
Math- Rocket Math page 64-65 3-13
Reading- Vocab. words page 82 and grapic organizer page 27 Read 210-223
English- work on story
Spelling- pages 34-35 and 89 in practice book
Skills- handwriting
Math- Rocket Math Dollars and Cents 2.12
Reading- wb. 83 and listen to story answer questions in a group leveled practice
Multiage- matter
Spelling- page 36 and write 10 sentences
Skills-Skills in practice book
Math- Rocket Math page 66-67 1-13
Reading- social studies connections page 224-225 ws. 187 and pb. 87
English- nouns page 30 work on story
Multiage- Matter
Spelling- Correct spelling book and play sparkle
Math- Rocket Math making change 68-69
Reading- Leveled readers
English- Final draft and page 31
Multiage- Art project Thanksgiving
Spelling- test
Skills- Weekly reader