Lesson Plans
WG Grade Two 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/30/2002 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Long e: e, y wkbk pg. 67. Vocab chart and read the story "House Repair".
Phonics: Song Chart--Long e
Grammer: Inflected Ending -ed.
Spelling: Write each spelling word in a sentence.
Handwriting: Lowercase e
Multi-age: Unit on Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Math: Counting On wkbk pg. 33-34
Reading: Read Aloud Story "Jimmy's Furry Friend" and Teach Drawing Conclusions. wkbk pg.70
Phonics: Long e: e,y and Inflected Endings -ed Practice pg. 68-69
Spelling: Students read their spelling sentences to their groups.
Oral Language: Tell an original story in order.
Writing: A Story About Me Activity --TM pg. 137g
Grammer: Commands and Exclamations wkbk pg. 71
Math: Practice pg. 2.3 and Tools and Strategies wkbk pg. 35-36
Art: Mr. Ross
Multi-age: Unit on Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs
Reading:Use Background Audio and read the story "The Surprise".
Phonics: Word Study Practice Activity --TM pg. 149a
Spelling: Words with -ed--pg.74
Oral Language: Words For Feelings Activity--TM pg. 149c
Writing: Revise "A Story About Me"
Handwriting: Capital E
Math: Using Doubles to Add wkbk pg. 37-38
Library: Mrs. Hendrickson
Multi-age: Unit on Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs
Reading: Reader Response TM pg. 150-151
Phonics: Long e: e,y and review Final Consonant Digraphs
Spelling: Group Spelling Practice
Language: Commands and Exclamations TM pg. 152-153
Writing: Alphabetical Order
Handwriting: Lowercase f
Math: Using Facts for 10 wkbk pg. 39-40
Multi-age: Unit on Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs

Reading: Listen To Individual Readers
Phonics: Write words with the Long e and Inflected Ending -ed.
Spelling: Test!
Oral Language: Speaking--Tell An Original Story In Order
Writing: Publish "A Story About Me"
Math: Practice pg. 2.6