Lesson Plans
WG Grade Two 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/21/2002 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Read "Furry Mouse" pg. 208-215.
Phonics: r-controlled er, ir, ur --Phonics song chart and connect sounds to letters activity TM pg. 208k
Spelling: Introduce new words!
Grammer: Plurals -s and -es
Oral Lang: Discuss Antonyms
Writing: List Antonyms
Handwriting: lowercase i
Math: Enrichment 2.15
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Multi-age: Healthy Bodies and Nutrition Unit!
Reading: Compare and Contrast --Read Aloud Activity TM pg. 215e and reread for fluency "Furry Mouse".
Phonics: r-controlled er,ir, ur and Plurals -s and -es --wkbk pg. 117-118
Spelling: Writing for sound
Oral Lang: Distinguish between like and unlike sounds
Writing: Expressive words activity
Grammer: Plural Nouns wkbk pg. 121
Art: Mr. Ross
Math: Using Doubles to Subtract wkbk pg. 61-62.
Multi-age: Healthy Bodies and Nutrition Unit!
Reading: Read the story "Two Mice ." Vocab Chart Work!
Phonics: wkbk pg. 123
Spelling: wkbk pg. 124
Oral Lang: antonyms activity pg. TM 225c.
Writing: Fable Activity
Grammer: Singular and Plural nouns wkbk pg. 125
Math: Fact Families wkbk pg. 65-66.
Handwriting: Capital I
Multi-age: Healthy Bodies and Nutrition Unit!
Library: Mrs. Hendrickson and Mrs. Bitker

Reading: Readers Response Activity pg. 226-227
Phonics: r-controlled er, ir, ur--wkbk pg. 129
Spelling: Partner Spelling Practice
Grammer: pgs. 228-229 in Reading Hardcover Book
Writing: Sentences
Math: Practice pg. 2.19
Multi-age: Healthy Bodies and Nutrition Unit!
Reading: read the story "Two Mice"
Phonics: Take-Home Reader "The Pond"
Spelling: Test!
Oral Lang: Listening
Writing: Book Jacket
Math: Chapter 2 Test!
Multi-age: Healthy Bodies and Nutrition Unit!
Weekly Reader