Lesson Plans
WG Grade Two 2nd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/11/2002 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Read the story "How I Beat the Giants".
Phonics: Sond and Rhyme Chartwork
Writing: Capital K
Math: Estimating 20 and Introduce Rocket Math
Multi-age: No Mutli-age! Veterans Day Program
Spelling: Introduce new words!
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Reading: Reread "How I Beat the Giants".
Phonics: Vowel Dipthongs and Inflected Endings--wkbk pg. 187-188.
Spelling: Write a complete sentence for each spelling word.
Handwriting:lowercase k
Art: Mr. Ross
Math: Ordering Numbers wkbk pg. 81-82
Multi-age: Native Americans Unit

Reading: Read the story "Play Ball".
Phonics: Vocab Chart Work and Vowel Diphthongs ou and ow
Spelling: Activity Practice with writing
Writing: Thank You Notes
Math: Reteach pg. 3.5 and Enrichment 3.5
Library: Mrs. Bitker and Mrs. Hendrickson
Multi-age: Native Americans Unit
Reading: Reader Response on page 322.
Phonics: Vowel Dipthongs and Inflected Endings
Spelling: wkbk pg. 200
Grammer: Verbs pg. 324
Math: Odd and Even Numbers wkbk pg. 83-84
Handwiting: Capital L
Multi-age: Native Americans Unit
Reading: Listen to Individual readers
Phonics: Take-Home Readers--Out and About on the Mayflower
Spelling: Test
Writing: Thanksgiving Stories
Grammer: Verbs
Weekly Reader
Multi-age: Native Americans Unit!
Math: Practice pg. 3.6 and Enrichment 3.6