Lesson Plans
WG Grade Two 3rd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/27/2003 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Phonics: Vowel Patterns a, al, au and song rhyme chart
Reading: Read Vocab and Read a, al, au words
Spelling: Introduce new words and dictionary skills
Math: Introduce money and wksh 105
Multi-age: Dental Unit
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Reading: Read the story "Paul Goes to the Ball"
Phonics: Discuss silent b and k with mb and kn phonics wkbk
Math: Money--wksh pg. 107 and Rocket Math
Art: Mr. Ross
Writing: Draw a celebration picture --save for Wed.
Multi-age: Dental Unit
Map Skills
Reading: Read the story "The Rooster Who Went to His Uncle's Wedding"
Phonics: Silent Consonants kn, mb wkbk pg. 57
Spelling: Practice with Writing Activity TM pg. 133b
Writing: Write a story to go with their drawings from Tuesday
Library: Mrs. Bitker and Mrs. Hendrickson
Math: Money--wksh l09
Multi-age: Dental Unit
*****High School One Act Play in Big Gym 2:15
Reading: Little Readers in small groups
Phonics: Reteach vowel patterns a, al, au and Silent Consonants kn, mb
Spelling: Partner Spelling Practice
Grammer: Adjectives
Math: Money--wkbk pg. 111
Multi-age: Dental Unit
Map Skills
Writing: Finish celebration stories
Reading: Readers Response
Phonics: Read Take-Home-Readers
Grammer: Adjectives
Weekly Reader
Map skills
Math: Money Bingo
Multi-age: Dental Unit
Spelling: Test