Lesson Plans
WG Grade Two 3rd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/17/2003 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Vocab Chart and read the story--Tex and the Big Bad T. Rex
Phonics: song chart and wksh
Spelling: undo, unhappy, unlucky, unfair, unlike, untie, front, probably, expert, index
Writing: Prewrite a report about dinosaurs
Math: Slides, flips, and turns wkbk pg. 215-216
Multi-age: Dinosaur Unit
Map Skills
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Reading: Teach Main Idea
Phonics: Pattern ex and Prefixes wkbk pg. 149-150
Spelling: Sentence Dictation and Write sentences using the spelling words
Writing: Work on dinosaur stories
Math: Problem-Solving Application wkbk pg. 219-220
Multi-age: Dinosaur Unit
Map Skills
Art: Mr. Ross
Reading: Read the story "Let's Go Dinosaur Tracking"
Phonics: wkbk pg. 155
Spelling: wkbk pg. 156
Writing: Dinosaur Stories
Grammer: Pronouns
Map skills
Library: Mrs. Hendrickson
Multi-age: Dinosaur Unit
Math: Area wkbk pg. 221-222
Reading: Reader Response
Phonics: Endings and suffixes wkbk pg. 161
Spelling: wkbk pg. 162
Writing: Dinosaur Stories
Math: Equal Parts wkbk pg. 223-224
Map Skills
Multi-age: Dinosaur Unit
Reading: Leveled Readers
Phonics: Phonics Reader
Spelling: Test!
Math: Fractions
Writing: Finish Dinosaur Stories
Map Skills
Weekly Reader
Multi-age: Finish Dinosaur Unit
Computer: Mrs. Otto
Grammer: Review