Lesson Plans
Walnut Grove 2nd Grade 2nd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/01/2003 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics

Spelling: Introduce new words--hugged, nodded, skipped, hugging, nodding, skipping, since, those, crown, shout
Reading: Read the big book "Hold the Anchovies"--Song Chart-"Work Together Now"--Vocab Chart Work--Read the story "How I Beat the Giants"
Math: Rocketmath--Use Data from a chart wkbk pg. 105-106
Handwriting:lowercase y--pg. 54
Language Arts and Writing: DOL (Daily Oral Lang.) --Verbs
Multi-age: Magnet Unit
Computer: Mrs. Otto
Spelling: Alphabetical Order with Spelling Words
Reading: Vowel Dipthongs-- Inflected Endings Wkbk pg. 167 & 168 -- High Frequency Words-Wkbk pg. 169 --Read Phonics Book "Mayflower"
Math: Diagnostic Check point & Cumulative Review Test Prep- Wkbk pg.107 & 108
Handwriting: Capital Y Pg. 55
Language Arts & Writing:Verbs Wkbk pg. 171 --Writing -Organization Staying on Topic --DOL
Multi-age: Magnet Unit
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Spelling: Wkbk pg.174 Trace words with 3 diff. colors-
Reading:Vocab Chart --Read Story "Play Ball" Wkbk pg. 172
Math: Dime, Nickel, & Penny Wkbk pg. 109 & 110
Handwriting: Lowercase z pg. 56
Language Arts and Writing: Verbs Wkbk pg. 175 DOL
Multi-age: Magnet Unit
Art: Mrs. Richards
Spelling: Wkbk pg. 180 Partner Practice
Reading: Reader Response TM pg. 322 & 323 --Alphabetical Order to Second Letter TM pg. 325
Math: Reteaching pg. 36 (R3-12) Praacice (P3-12) Pg. 36
Handwriting: Capital Z pg. 57
Language Arts & Writing: Verbs TM & SB pgs. 324 & 325 DOL
Multi-age: Magnet Unit
Spelling: Test Over Unit 11!
Reading: Reread Phonices Reader TM pg. 325c
Math: Quarter & Half- Dollar Wkbk pg. 111& 112
Handwriting: Review A-Z
Language Arts and Writing: Review Nouns & Verbs DOL
Multi-age: Magnet Unit
Weekly Reader