Lesson Plans
Walnut Grove 2nd Grade 2nd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/12/2004 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
CPT--2 hours late!
Spelling: Introduce new words--book, shook, took, hood, stood, wood, become, even, bigger, littlest
Reading: Vocab Chart Work and read the story "A Good Laugh for Cookie"
Math: Rocketmath
Handwriting: Labels WB 82-83 and Friendly Letter WB 84-85
Lang. Arts and Writing: Brainstorm Ideas for Compare and Contrast --DOL (Daily Oral Lang.)
Multi-age: Habitats Unit--Desert, Forest, Rain Forest, Arctic
Computer: Mrs. Otto
Spelling: Vowel Pattern oo Writing for sounds -429d
Reading & Phonics: Vowel Patterns oo, ou Comparative Endings pg. 231 & 232 High Freg. Words pg. 233 PR -"What Could It Be?"
Math: Subtracting tens and ones WB 147-148
Handwriting: Thank -You Note WB 86&87
Lang. Arts and Writing: Start Writing DOL
Multi-age: 4 groups -Work on murals! Plants & Animals of the Habitats
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Spelling: Practice with Writing Activity pg. 445b WB 238
Reading & Phonics: -Vocab Chart Work-Read story "Moonbear's Pet: -Vocab pg. 236
Math: Estimate WB 141-142
Handwriting: Envelope WB 88 & 89
Land. Arts and Writing: Writing Process -Edit WB pg. 245 DOL
Multi-age: Own Rooms 1. Pond-1st Mural 2.Ocean -2nd Mural
Art: Mrs. Richards

Spelling: Parther Practice WB pg. 244 Spelling Race Game
Reading & Phonics: Reader Response TM pg. 446 & 447 Vowel Patterns oo,ou TM pg. 447a
Math: Estimating Differences WB 149-150
Handwriting: Paragraph WB 90 &91 Poem WB 96
Land. Arts and Writing: Compare & Contrast Papers DOL
Multi-age: Work on Habitat Activities

Spelling: Test Over Unit 15 !
Reading & Phonics: Oral Reading Reread Phonics Reader
Math: Reading for Math Success WB 153-154
Handwriting: Book Titles & Authors WB 92 & 93 Book Report 94 & 95
Land. Arts and Writing: Writing Process Publish -TM pg. 449d DOL
Multi-age: Work on Habitat Activities
Library: Mrs. Hendrickson and Mrs. Bitker