Lesson Plans
Walnut Grove 2nd Grade 3rd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/09/2004 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Spelling: Introduce new words: climb, lamb. knit, comb, kneel, knot, story, able, chalk, sauce -Work with spelling pattern -TM 1061
Reading/Phonics: -Vowel Patterns, a, al ,au -Song Chart -Vocab chart work -Read the story "Paul Goes to the Ball"
Math: Adding Two -Digit Numbers With and Without Regrouping WB 179 &180
Map Skills: Pg. 11
Lang. Arts and Writing: -Discuss Polite Language -TM111a -Nouns Verbs,and Adjectives -DOL
Multi-age: Postal Unit ! -Make Mail Boxes -read " Never Mail an Elephant"

Spelling: Sentence Dictating TM -111d
Reading/Phonics: -Vowel paterns a, al, au, and silent Consonants kn, mb -WB 51&52 -High Freq. Words WB53
Math: Practice with Two-Digit Addition WB 181& 182
Map Skills: Pg. 12
Lang. Arts and Writing: Plot -WB 54 DOL
Multi -age: Postal Unit
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Spelling: -Practice with writing Activity TM 133b -WB58
Reading: -Vocab Chart Work -Read story "The Rooster Who Went to His Uncle's Wedding" -Vocab -WB 56
Math: Diagnostic Check point WB183 & 184
Map Skills: Pg. 13
Lang. Arts and Writing: -Plot -TM 135 -DOL -Do Together WB 59
Multi-age: Postal Unit
Art: Mrs. Richards
Spelling: -Partner Spelling Parctice Activity -TM 135b -WB64
Reading/Phonics: Reader Response TM 134 & 135 -Phonics Reader-Read "The Best Baseball Players"
Math: Adding Money WB185 & 186
Map Skills: Pg. 14
Lang. Arts and Writing: Comparative -Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives DOL -Do Together
Multi-age: Postal Unit
Spelling: Test Over Unit 19 !
Reading: -Assess Accuracy and Comprehension TM 137a & 137b
Math: Adding Three Numbers 187 &188
Map Skills: pg. 15
Lang.Arts and Writing: -Superlative and Comparative Adjectives --DOL
Multi-age: Valentines Party !
Library: Mrs. Bitker and Mrs. Hendrickson