Lesson Plans
Walnut Grove 2nd Grade 3rd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/23/2004 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Spelling: *Introduce New Words: camera,carry, lesson, follow, pretty, began, ever, cousin, and double
Reading/Phonics: *Short u : ou -Song and Rhyme Chart -Build Oral Lang. -Vocab Chart -Read "Space Dream"
Math: *Estimating Sums WB 191&192 *Rocket Math *Spiral Review 5-9
Computer: Mrs. Otto
Lang. Arts and Writing: *Daily Oral Lang. *Review Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives.
Multi-age: *Own Rooms 1.Read 2nd Book pgs. A43-A47 2.Activity on pg. A42 of 2nd grade book !
Spelling: *Sentence Dictation- TM 187d
Reading/Phonics: *Short u : ou Multisyllabic WB pg.85&86 *Read Phonics Reader "Touchdown at Space Camp" *High Freg. Words pg. 87
Math: *Spiral Review 5-9 *Rocket Math *Ways To Add WB 193&194
Map Skills: Map Skills pg. 18
Lang. Arts and Writing:* Main Idea WB 88 *DOL *Pronouns pg. 89
Multi-age: *2 groups rotate every 20 munutes K and C 1. Experiment Lesson 2 pg. A48 *Read A49-A53 M&M 2. *Experiment A54- Lesson 3 *Read A55-A59
Spilling: *Practice With Writing TM256 WB pg. 93
Reading/Phonics *Build Oral Lang. *Vocab Chart Work *Tested Vocab WB 90 *Read the story "Man On The Moon"
Math: *Spiral Review 5-10 *Rocket Math *Try, Check and Revise WB 197 & 198
Map Skills: Map Skills pg. 20
Lang. Arts and Writing: *Pronouns WB pg. 94 *DOL '
Multi-age: * 2 groups rotate every 30 munutes K and C 1. Experiment A60 2. Read A61-A63 M&M 1. Food Pyramid A64-A65 2. Cut from magazines & Make own food pyramid
Spelling: *Partner Spelling Practice TM 207b
Reading/Phonics: *Highlight the Short u words in their "Space Camp" stories. *Make up "space stories"
Math: *Spiral Review 5-11 *Rocket Math *Problem-Solving Applications WB 199&200
Map Skills Map Skills pg. 21
Lang. Arts and Writing: *Pronouns -Discuss pages SB 208 & 209 *DOL
Multi-age: *4 groups rotate every 10 minutes 1.WB 18 2. WB 17 3. Vocab Review WB 21 4.Concept & Review WB 20
Spelling: *Test over Unit 21
Reading/Phonics: CPT ! 2 hrs. late! *Reread Phonics Readers -small groups !
Math: *Reading for Math Success WB 195 & 196
Map Skills: pg. 22
Library: Mrs. Bitker and Mrs. Hendrickson
Lang. Arts and Writing: *DOL
Multi-age: *Own Rooms -Chapter Assessments AG13- AG15!