Lesson Plans
Walnut Grove 2nd Grade 3rd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/15/2004 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Spelling: Introduce new words -neighbor, weight, sleigh, reindeer, weigh, veil, grow, near, really, mostly -Look for Spelling patterns
Reading/Phonics: Long a : ei, eigh, Song Chart, Endings&Suffixes TM 263K, Vocab Chart Work, Read Story "Splash", Write sentences on pg. TM 267b
Math: Rocket Math Timed-Test, SR 6-4, Practice with Two-Digit & subraction WB 217 & 218, Reading for Math Success WB 219 & 220
Map Skills: Computer 12:15-12:45, Nutrition Lady 12:45-1:10
Lang.Arts and Writing: Expand Vocab Activity TM 267a, Describe a fish and write aboout it -them illustrate it !
Multi-age: Weather ? ! No Multi- 1st Grade Nurition!
Spelling: Sentence Dictation TM 2267d
Reading/Phonics: Long : ei, eigh, WB 133 & 134, High -Freq. WB 135, Read Phonics, Reader "Great Sunday Sleigh Rides"
Math: Rocket Math Practice, SR 6-5, PD 6-5, Write a Number Sentence -WB 221- 222
Map Skills: "Star" Some students, Leveled Readers and Comp. questions!, Map Skills pg. 27
Lang. Arts and Writing: Word Choice Activity TM 267h - "Write about the Ocean", Pronouns- WB 137
Multi-age: 2 groups: Lessson 1 -Monica D-4-D7 Draw pic. of today's weather, Lesson 2 -Kelly Temp. and Therm.
Spelling: Partner Scramble Activity TM 285b, WB 140, Write Spelling Sent.'s
Reading/Phonics: Build Oral Lang. TM 268a, Vocab Chart Work, Read story "The Jelly fish", Draw their favorite part of the story !
Math: Rocket Math prac. Review 2-Digit Addition, Diagnostic Checkpoint WB 223-224
Map Skills: Map Skills pg. 28
Lang. Arts and Writing: Modeled Writing Activity TM 285c, Pronouns -WB 141
Multi-age: Own Rooms, Lesson 3- and experiment D-12- Pinwheels -Weather Vane
Spelling: Partner Spelling Practice Activity TM 287b, WB 146
Reading/Phonics: Level Readers and Leveled Tests, Reader Response TM 286 and 287, Make paper plate Jelly fish!
Math: Rocket Math Prac. SR 6-6. PD 6-6, Subtracting Money WB 225-226
Map Skills: Lang. Arts Activity TM 289, Star -Some students. Map Skills pg. 29
Lang. Arts and Writing: MS Play--1:30
Multi-age:MS Play!

Spelling: Test Over Unit 24!
Reading/Phonics: Oral Reading, Make Ocean Booklets!
Math: Rocket Math Prac. SR 6-7, PD 6-7, Using Addition and Subtraction WB 227 and 228
Map Skills: Library -12:15-12:45. Weekly Reader!
Lang. Arts and Writing: Finish Writing from Wed. and Booklets from this morning! DOL if time!
Multi-age: Own Rooms, Water Cycle-