Lesson Plans
Walnut Grove 3rd Grade 1st Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/22/2003 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
Reading- Author's Purpose pages 68-69 wb. 21, Listen to background building CD, begin vocab. poster
English- Subjects
Spelling- Page 9 put words in abc order
Math- Place value activity book
Multiage-How Alcohol Drugs and Tobacco effect the body Brainstorm ideas. Each group will pick one effect and discuss it.
Reading- Go over vocab. wb. 22, Listen to the story pages 70-86
English- Predicates
Spelling- book pages 10-11
Math- Place value booklets
Multiage- Discuss OTC drugs and prescription drugs
Computes PAWS or pep fest
Reading-Read story in pairs and do wb. pages 25-26
English- Put sentences in correct order. Write 5 sentences
Spelling- book page 12
Math- 1-7 Problem of the Day and Spiral Review. Comparing Numbers pages 18-19
Multiage- Smoking and the effects on the body
Reading-Social Studies connection pages 87-89 wb. 27
English- Different types of sentences page 13 in grammar book
Spelling- sparkle
Math- 1-8 Problem of the Day and Spiral Review Investigate page 22a practice 1-8
Multiage- Poster
Computers or pep fest
Reading- Phonics readers
English- Write a paragraph using both statements and questions
Spelling- Test
Weekly reader
Math- 1-9 Problem of the Day and Spiral review, Patterns with numbers 1-9
Parade 1:15