Lesson Plans
Walnut Grove 4th Grade 1st Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/06/2003 Instructor: Eric Larson Academics
? ���������???Vocabulary
Grammar: Declarative and Interrogative Sentences, P 15 & 16
Math: Counting Money, P. 30 & 31
Spelling: Look Through the words 4x's each
Multiage: Fire Prevention Week Creating Rules Smoke Detectives Video. Library:
Reading: Addie In Charge: background,predict, read 1/2
Grammer: Imperative & Exclamatong Sentences p.17&18
Math: Making Change. Practice w/ Money
Spelling: Page 18. Writing: Responded Quickly to a problem
Multiage: Stop,Drop, & Roll. E.D.I.T.H.
Hand writing Groups w/ Holly &Mai
Reading: Nw Predictions Show Posters 2ad 1/2of Story WBp.42
Character p.43 Writing About Addiel Sharing
Grammar: Imperative & Exlamatong Sentences p.19&20
Math: P.32&33 WB p. 1-11
Spelling: Comeet p. 19 / ABC Order
Multiage: Create a Map and Exit Plan for their Homes
Reading: Sod House Character TB 96 Fact / Opinion p.36 Write 5 of Each
Grammar: Simple Sentences p. 21
Math: Mental Math Adding Terms Practive them
Spelling: Cherry Pie p.20
Multiage: Fire Safety Posters
Computer Handwriting
Reading: Theme p.47 Guided Reading Lesson Wrap-up Sheet
Grammar: Compond & Complex Sentences p.22 (Trans)
Math: Mental Math Problem Solving: (overhead) WB p.15
Spilling: Test
Multiage: Fire Trucks Presentation