Lesson Plans
Walnut Grove 4th Grade 1st Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/27/2003 Instructor: Eric Larson Academics
Reading: -Go through WB pages -Super cooper Scoopers -Couse & Effct -Vocab -Big Posters
Grammar: Compound & Complex Sentences p. 25 -Tog. p. 27 Nouns -Tog
Math: 100's -Sheet -Over & Under estimate -Math Game
Spelling: -Library -Go through Words -5x's each
Multiage: Cross Country meet
Cross Country meet

Reading: -Build Background/Predict -Read 1/2 of "Big City" -Talkabout Realistic and Fiction -Character -Predict -Cause & Effect Sentences -Vocab -(WB 62)
Grammar: Nouns -Listen to Grammar Rock p. 28
Math: Over & Under Estimates WB 18 -Game -Spiral Review
Spelling: -ABC order 3x's -pg 26 Tog.
Multiage: Egypt: -Info. -Maps
-Handwriting -Weekly Reader
Reading: -Finish "Big City" -Author WB -Cause & Effect -63 -Questions -p.189 -GR Books -Show Bocab Posterd
Grammar: Nouns p. 29 & 30
Math: Adding Whole Numbers & Money p.76&77 WB 19
Spelling: -Tog. -Pg 27&28 -Begin Spelling Story
Multiage: Egypt: -Hieroglyphics -Mummies
Typing Finish Weekly Reader
Reading: PB- 65&66- Test -River of Grass Switch -GR Books/Questions
Grammar: Proper Nouns p. 32
Math: Column Addition p. 80&81 WB 20
Spelling: -Work on Spelling Story -Cherry Pie
Multiage: -Animals of Africa -Reports
Computer -Handwriting
Reading: -COmp/ Contrast 67 -Magazine: -Looking for Slang 193k -Telephone Directory
Grammar: Proper Nouns p. 33&34
Math: Subraction p.82&83 WB 21.
Spelling: Spelling Tests.
Multiage: Halloween Party Watch Lion King
Halloween Party