Lesson Plans
Walnut Grove 4th Grade 2nd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/08/2003 Instructor: Eric Larson Academics
Reading: Descriptive Writing, Edit, Book Reports
Math: Workbook pg 27, Algebra; Spiral Review
Grammar: Plural Nouns p. 41
Spelling: Pretest, 5 x's each
Multiage: Medieval Unit, KWL, Time Line, Make book
Library: Find book for Book Talk
Reading: Making Judgements p. 260, WB 101, Vocabulary prediction using the words.
Math: Spiral Review, test
Grammar: Possessive nouns
Spelling: 5 x's each, Think and Practice p. 46
Writing: Finish up editing descriptive writing
Multiage: Begin Knights and Castles books and information
Reading: Listen to John Henry song, Read story of John Henry
p. 262
Math: Readiness Check, Arrays with grid paper
Grammar: Possessive Nouns
Spelling: Proofread and write p. 47
Writing: Descriptive writing: Publish
Multiage: Knights and Castles information
Reading: Quiz on story, Read 2nd 1/2 with partner, Comp. check p. 279, Show book reports
Math: Patterns in Multiplying, math Vocab
Grammar: Possessive Nouns
Spelling: Review p. 48
Writing: Tall tale 20 min writing
Multiage: Customs, food, clothing, feudal system
Reading: Test on story and vocab, Character WB 107, Researching items
Math: Spiral Review, Finding unknown Facts p. 132, WB 31
Grammar: Possessive Nouns
Spelling: Test
Practice for Holiday Program