Lesson Plans
Westbrook 1st Grade 1st Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/06/2003 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Phonics - consonant "z", short "u"
Spelling - Pretest List 3
Reading - Journal, Word Wall, ABC order, Phonemic Awareness p 130
Math - POD, getting 1 & 2 more
Handwriting - "L"
Fire Safety Week Activity
Science - Looking for Leaves
Phonics - consonant "x", short "u"
Reading - Fact or Fantasy??, Adjectives, wkbk story
Math - Timed, Stand up Sit down p 27-28, 1 &2 fewer, count back
Health - Digestive
Spelling - Practice Test List 3
Reading - Centers (E Handwriting, R Words, group reading, color words, phonics game)
Math - POD, Greater than Less than, Roll and Compare
Handwriting - W
Fire Safety Activity
Phonics - Consonant "q", short "u"
Reading - Journal, Carpet Activities / Practice Readings, Individual Assessment
Math - timed, Order (Least Between Greatest)
Handwriting - J
Fire Safety Activity
Health - Digestive
Phonics - Letter Recognition / Sound Testing
Spelling - Post Test List 3
Reading - Small Group Reading / Individual Assess
Math - POD, Chapter 1 catch up and review
Handwriting - x
Fire Safety in gym
Science - A Look at Leaves