Lesson Plans
Westbrook 1st Grade 1st Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/20/2004 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Phonics - review, consonant k
Spelling - Pretest list 1
Reading - Journal (model sentence writing), Partner Read "I See It", word wall, adjectives p 123
Math - POD Spiral 1-11, 1 and 2 fewer p 27-28
Handwriting - A
SS - Introduction to Apple Unit, Read "Apples", taste testing different kinds of apples
Phonics - Consonant D, short o vowel sound, p 23-24
Spelling - Playing Sparkle practice game
Reading - Quiet Reading, Read "I Like to Do That" wkbk 63-64, Fact or Fantasy p 128-129, Number Word Activity, Introduce Phonics games for Wednesday Activity
Math - POD Spiral 1-12, Comparing numbers to 5 and 10 p 29-30
Handwriting - F
SS - "Johnny Appleseed" Apple Show and Tell, eating apples with honey, caramel, pb
Phonics - consonant j wkbk 25-26
Spelling - Practice List 1
Reading Centers - R words, color words, Read short a story, ABC order
Math - POD Spiral 1-13, Ordering Numbers 31-32, Homework p 33-34
SS - Read "Look at an Apple", learn the parts of an apple
Phonics - consonant w
Spelling - Practice game with magnets
Reading - Journal (emphasis phrases and sentences), Read "I LIke to Hop" Fact and Fantasy p 132, word building games (Snap it Up, Smart Mouth), word wall (use in sentence)
Math - Test Prep p 35-36, 41-42
Handwriting - g
SS - "Johnny Appleseed", Apple Art painting
Phonics - consonant v
Spelling - Post List 1
Reading - Small Groups Practice
Math - Chapter 1 Test
SS - Apple Tree Drawings, Apple treats