Lesson Plans
Westbrook 1st Grade 1st Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/27/2004 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Phonics - consonant v, word building using a,i,o
Spelling - Pre List 2
Reading - Sentence Fix, Journal (Bubble Gum), High Freq words, "Hey Bug" poem, "Get One'" Partner reading
Math - POD Spiral 2-1, "Five Little Monkeys" Math story, Stories about joining p 45-46, Using Counters to Add p 47-48
Handwriting - H
SS - Human Body Intro, Labeling our human body chart
Phonics - short "e" wkbk 29-30
Spelling - Sparkle
Reading - Quiet Reading, Read "Wet", assessments, word wall activity
Math - POD Spiral 2-2, p 49-52 Adding Zero, enrich 15-16
Handwriting - I
SS - 5 senses
Phonics - consonant w
Spelling - Practice list 2
Reading - Centers (R words, Number / Animal words, read)
Math - POD Spiral 2-3, Up Down Addition p 53-54
SS - senses experiment
Phonics - word building
Reading - Journal (Secrets), Read "Get the Tent", rhyming

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
Phonics - review vowac cards
Spelling - Post List 2
Reading - Read "Day in the Park" p 165, Small Group Reading "Wet" / "Get the Tent" / Charger Poster making
Math - POD Spiral 2-4, Story Problems p 57-58

Homecoming Parade and Pepfest
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