Lesson Plans
Westbrook 1st Grade 1st Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/12/2005 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Phonics - What are vowels??, short a "ant on apple", simple word building
Reading - Journal Picture of favorite animal, Concepts of Print p 56, High Frequency words, wkbk, size / shape words p 59
Math, POD Spiral 1-3, Pattern Problems p 7-8, chain patterns
Handwriting - consonant B
Social Science - Spider enemies and spider paths, Read "Extremely Weird Spiders"

Phonics - short a, consonant p wkbk p 13
Spelling - practice w/ short a words
Reading - Read "Can Pig Nap", word wall review, intro to verbs with noun review, Read "Going Hiking" p 65.Baggy Book to home
Math - POD Spiral 1-4, Checkpt review p 9-10, chain patterns
Handwriting - consonant T
Social Science - Very Busy Spider Activity

Phonics - short a, simple families and rhymes, wkbk p 14-15
Reading - Centers (B words, Read "Red Yellow Blue", Topple, ABC order introduction, Handwriting R)
Math - POD Spiral 1-5, Spill the Counters to make 6-7 p 11-12
Social Science - "Anansi the Spider"
Quest - Poem of Rules p 34, a school without rules ???

Phonics - short a, consonant f p 16
Spelling - short a words
reading - Journal Picture of Family, Read "Look Pat and Nan", Read "Lunch", lists of fruits and veges, wkbk
Math - POD Spiral 1-6, Find Missing Part to make 8-9 p 13-14
Handwriting - consonant C
Social Science - Spider Art, 8 legs wksht, weekly reader
Quest - Reasons for rules p 41

Phonics - short a, consonant g p 17
Reading - Small Groups (Can Pig Nap, Look Pat Nan), review of word wall, and intro to abc order with words
Math - POD Spiral 1-7, Showing 10 p 15-16
Handwriting - Consonant N
SS - classroom web, Chart "Who Likes Spiders", spider snack

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