Lesson Plans
Westbrook 1st Grade 1st Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/03/2005 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Phonics - consonant v, short e, nonsense syllables
Spelling - Pre List 3 (short o)
Reading - Journal (Lunch), word wall, Read "Tumble Bumble"
Math - POD Spiral 1-9, 1 and 2 More p 25-26

BIG FISH PARTY (Picnic at Park)
Phonics - short e word building
Spelling - Sparkle
Reading - Quiet Reading Time, wkbk, Read "Wet", Read "A Day in the Park"
Math - POD Spiral 1-10, 1 & 2 Fewer p 27-28, practice p 10
Handwriting - I
SS - Human Body Intro, Identify Body Parts
Weekly Reader (Hurricane)
Quest - Are You Listening? p 20, Read "Turnabout's Fair Play" silly animal activity
Phonics - short e word families
Spelling - Practice List 3
Reading - Centers (I Spy Snap, Parts ABC Order, R Words, Read "I Like to Hop")
Math - POD Spiral 1-11, compare to 5/10 p 29-30
SS - Review Body Parts, Simon Says
Quest - practice p 25, Eagle and Chicks game

Phonics - short e, consonant z
Spelling - practice activity
Reading - Journal (leaves), word wall activity, read "Get the Tent", wkbk p 83 (sentences), wkbk story
Math - POD Spiral 1-12, ordering numbers p 31-32, counting cubes
Handwriting - L
SS - Read "Parts"

Phonics - short e words
Spelling - Post List 3
Reading - Small Group Reading, wkbk practice
Math - checkpt review p 35-36 (do this in morning), Chapter 1 Test
Handwriting - H
SS - Read "A Book About Your Skeleton", MY SKELETON wksht, names of bones