Lesson Plans
Westbrook 1st Grade 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/01/2008 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Student selection of lockers and desks
Read "The Giving Tree" with icebreaker activity
Individual testing (Large Group read "Runny Babbit" and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom")
ABC's of Summer (hang in hallway)
Math - readiness wkshts p 1-4
Activity - "I can read these words!"
Discussion of classroom rules / expectations
Phonics - readiness p 1-4
Spelling - one minute white board pictures
Reading - Theme launch p 8, Read "Go Away Monsters" p 10-13, Big Book "Lunch" concepts of print, word wall week 1
Writing - top to bottom vertical lines
Math - Ch 1 Math Story, home connection p 1-2, individual testing
Writing - mailbox activity p 18
Social / Science - Favorites
Phonics - "Martha Speaks", consonant M, find phonics fun wkbk 5-6
Spelling - Beginning sound on white boards
Reading - reread "Lunch", Mr. J lunch predictions, color of foods p 29, wkbk 3-4, small group read "I See I See"
Writing - check mailbox from Wednesday p 18
Math - Problem of Day (POD) Spiral Review 1-1, Lesson 1-1 p 3-4 Identify and Extend Patterns
Writing - L to R slant Lines
Social / Science - Icebreakers and First Grade Rules
Phonics - connect letters / sounds, consonant C find phonics fun
Spelling - beginning sounds on white boards
Reading - Read "missing Ring p 35, Read "I See Red Yellow Blue", directions w/ color words p 39, wkbk
Math - POD Spiral 1-2, Lesson 1-2 p 5-6 Creating and Translate Patterns, number recognition worksheet
Writing - Slant lines R to L
Social / Science - Favorites (Hallway Poster for all to see)