Lesson Plans
Westbrook 1st Grade 3rd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/23/2004 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Phonics - Intro to consonant - le syllables (closed front)
Spelling - Pre List 19
Reading - Journal, Unit 3 wkbk p 75, 83-86, Practice Reading all Unit 3 stories
Math - POD, "Late For School Again", More / Less than 1 Minute Tests and wkbk 205-206
Handwriting - sentence fix

Finish watching "Snow Dogs" from Friday
Phonics - c-le syllables (open style)
Spelling - Sparkle
Reading - read remainder of Unit 3 stories, wkbk p 91-92, contraction match game
Math - Timed, Time to the Hour, p 207-208, match game

Spelling - Practice List 19
Reading - Centers (O Words, sentence writing, Phonics game, read "The Red Stone Game", St Pat's Day Bulletin Board"
Math - POD, Time to Write the Time, p 209-210, Time Match Game
Handwriting - sentence fix
SS - naming the planets
Science - Comparing liquid amounts between containers

Pep Rally
Phonics - c-le syllables (r, vowel team front)
Spelling - Practice Game
reading - Journal, wkbk p 3-4, Read "the talking cookies", Read "The Gingerbread Man" p 18-39 (3 groups)
Math - POD, Time to the Half Hour p 211-212, Match game
SS - placing the planets
Science - Air in a bottle experiment / discussion
Phonics - R controlled Bingo
Spelling - Post 19
Reading - Small Groups (Missing Snake / Red Stone Game / Gingerbread Man), Gingerbread Assessment
Math - POD, Reading for Math Success wkbk, fact practice
SS - weekly Reader
Science - Read "Matter / Energy" Test Discussion