Lesson Plans
Westbrook 2nd Grade 1st Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/01/2007 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Phonics: Review the sounds of ee, ea
Introduce long e: spelled e and y
inflected ending -ed
Spelling: jumped, crossed, pulled, wished, pushed, picked, house, never, candy, shiny
Reading: "House Repair" and "Surprise"

Vocabulary: backpack, whispered, birdhouses, completing, repair, house, never, off, these, took,guess, lawn, messy, pile, pleased, rake, single, surprised, tomorrow

Skill: Drqwing Conclusions
Language: Talk about words for feelings; Commands and Exclamations

Handwritng: Review O,o,T,t,, L,l, A, a, D, d
Math: Quiz, Count on to add 1,2,3; double facts to 18; double facts plus one

Facts to memorize: 8+8 5+2 2+5 4+2 2+4
Science/Health: Review chapter 1 in Health; discover why leaves change color

Social Studies: Needs versus wants; goods and resources; goods and services