Lesson Plans
Westbrook 2nd Grade 1st Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/05/2005 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Math: The students will join two groups togetherand write an addition sentence to tell how many in all; identify the main idea of a story problem; solve a story problem by writing an addition sentence and take away a number of objects from a group and count tofind how many are left.

Vocabulary: plus, equals, addition sentence
Phonics: short a, i, u; initial l, r, s blends

Spelling: Words to be tested on-----bat, that, fit, this, cub, mug, could, have, flag, slip
Reading: High-frequency words: could, have, need, then was,
Reading vocabulary: ladybug, truly, sprang, understand, strange, wonder, apartment, window, elephant, dolphin, python, pianos, quiet
Comprehension skill: predicting
Stories: Franny and Ginny Daddy, Could I Have an Elephant?
Language: Why we speak and the use of complete sentences. We will also categorize words.

Handwriting: U,u, L,l

Social Studies: What makes a good community? Caring, sharing, learning to work together.

Health: Bus Safety
What makes people special/ Discuss feelings.