Lesson Plans
Westbrook 2nd Grade 2nd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/22/2003 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Math: We will count collections of coins that include half-dollars, qurters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.
Phonics: We will review phonics skills by using our phonics workbook.

Spelling: We will play Jeopardy with spelling words from the unit.
Reading: We will read to the kindergarten class. Each one of us will choose a favorite story and read it to an individual in the kindergarten class.
To develop vocabulry we will play Christmas bingo.
English: We will work in our Xmas tree booklet. Writing about our favorite meal, gifts we would like to give someone else, and etc/
Social Studies: Art project

Science: Continue to work on the magnet unit.