Lesson Plans
Westbrook 2nd Grade 3rd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/08/2004 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Math: Introduction with and without regrouping in subtraction using cubes and algorithm. Math timed quiz.

Phonics: The long a sound of ei in the words like eight, weight, etc. The students will also study the endings and suffixes of ing, er, ly, s, ful.

Spelling: Words with ei, eigh such as neighbor, veil, reindeer, weigh, sleigh, weight; really, mostly, grow and near.
Reading: Students will read"Splash" and "Down in the Sea: The Jellyfish".
Comprehension skill: Graphic sources---finding and reading information from a chart.
English: Writing with pronouns; writng decriptive sentences about the ocean and illustrating the sentences.

Handwriting: The cursive letters in capital form: A, C, E, and O.
Science: Read the Magic Treehouse book MIDNIGHT ON THE MOON. Continue to work on the space unit on sun, moon, and stars.

Social Studies: We use the Scholastic News and will continue towork on map unit.