Lesson Plans
Westbrook 2nd Grade 4th Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 05/26/2008 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Phonics: Review of skills such as aw, au, eigh, ld, lk, mb, mn

Spelling: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, addition, subtraction, minus, plus, equals
Reading: "The Treasure Hunt" "Columbus's Voyage" "The Story of Paul Bunyan" "How My Parents Learned to Eat"

Skills: Prediciting outcomes, context clues, synonym, cause and effect
Math: Unit 12---skip counting equal groups, repeated addition and multiplicationbuilding arrays, multiplying in any order vertical form of multipllication, making equal groups and writing division sentences
Language: prepare and perform play for other classes

Handwriting: continue with cursive letters
Science: How does weather change? What is the Water Cycle? How do we measure conditions? What is matter? What can we find out about solids? Liquids? Gases?

Social Studies: Scholastic News
Maps of the US