Lesson Plans
Westbrook 4th Grade 1st Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/06/2003 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
English: DOL, Flip Chart
Subjects: TE pg.167g,Grammar Practice Book pg. 26
Spelling: Sounds in PUT and OUT TE pg.167j
Write words to take home
Spelling workbook pg. 21
Reading: Skill Lesson: Visualizing TE pgs. 146-147; Read pgs. 146-147 Practice Book pg. 51
Vocabulary: TE pg. 148b; Practice Book pg. 52
Math: Mad Minute, Review Section C pg. 42 together
DO: Checkpoint pg. 43
Journal and Look at pgs. 44-47 together
Guided Reading
Multi-Age: Africa
Health: Resolve Conflicts at School: Read pgs. 38-39
Activity book pg. 10
Geography: High, Low, and In Between: Read pgs. 40-41 DO: Workbook pgs. 13-14

Terrific Kids
Spelling: Proofread and Write TE pg. 167j
DO: Spelling workbook pg.23
Think and Practice TE pg. 167j
DO: spelling workbook pg. 22
Reading: Teacher read pgs. 148-163 asking questions from the margin of the story
Do: Practice Book pg. 53 using teacher made ditto
Math: Mad Minute Chapter 1 test pgs. 48-49
Guided Reading
Multi-Age: Africa
Health: Star Program
Nursing Home
English: DOL, Flip Chart
Nouns: TE pg. 167g Grammar Practice Book pgs. 27-28
Creative Writing: October Story
Reading: Teacher- made ditto together
Students read pgs. 148-163
DO: Practice Book pgs. 55-56
Math: Mad Minute, Problem of the Day, Spiral Review
Mental math: TE pgs. 62-63
R2-1 together DO: P2-1
Guided Reading
Multi-Age; Africa
Health: Working with Others Readpgs. 40-43
DO: Activity Book pg.11
Geography: A Land of Rich Resources pgs. 42-45
Graphic Organizer 4
English: DOL, Flip Chart
Nouns: TE pg. 167h Grammar Practice Book pg. 29-30
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Review: TE pg. 167j Spelling Workbook pg.24
Reading: Literature Connection: Read pgs. 165-167
Making Judjments TE pg. 167b Practice Book pg. 57
Phonics: TE pg. 167i Practice Book pg. 58
Math: Mad Minute Problem of the Day Spiral Review
Mental Math pgs. 64-65 R 2-2 together DO: P2-2
Guided Reading
Multi-Age: Africa
Lisa Fest

Spelling: Test
Math: Mad Minute
Reading; Reasearch Skills: TE pg. 167l Practice Book pgs.59-60
Map: What is Where in North and South America pg. 18
Dictionary: Alphabetical Order Exercise 7