Lesson Plans
Westbrook 4th Grade 1st Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/29/2005 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
MATH: mad minute, problem of day, spiral review, Numbers in thousands, pgs 4-5, teacher made ditto
READING: skill lesson, setting wb 1, vocab, wb 2
SPELLING: vowel sounds in few/ moon, write words to take home, wb 1
ENGLISH: DOL, flip chart, statements/questions, wb 1
MULTI-AGE: Bus safety
HEALTH: sense organs, read pg 1
GEOGRAPHY: whane and where atlas, read pgs 8-11, teacher made ditto pg 10
MATH: mad minute, numbers in thousands, pgs 6-7, teacher made ditto
READING: teacher read pgs 22-38, questions from margin
SPELLING: proofread and write, wb 3, think & practice, wb 2
ENGLISH: DOL, flip chart, sentences, wb 2
MULTI-AGE: bus safety
HEALTH: sense organs, read pgs 2, wb 1
GEOGRAPHY: What is Geography?, vocab chapter 1, graphic organizer 1, read pgs 12-19
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