Lesson Plans
Westbrook 4th Grade 1st Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/25/2006 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
Opening- Computer
Math- Spiral review 1-10, problem of the day, rocket math Counting Money page 30-31
Reading- Author's purpose page 96-97 wb. 32, synonyms
Spelling- page 13 abc order
Multiage- Northeast states mapping
Grammar- page 9
Handwriting- rr
Opening- library
Math- Spiral review 1-11, problem of the day, rocket math counting money activity
Reading- Read Family Pictures pages 98-113, go over vocab.
Spelling- page 14 sentences
Multiage- Northeast states resources
Grammar- page 10 subjects and predicates
Handwriting- sn
Opening- computer
Math- Spiral review 1-12, problem of the day, rocket math making change page 32-33
school Pictures
Reading- read to a partner
Spelling- pages 15-16
Multiage- Northeast states recycling
Grammar- page 11
Opening- Weekly reader
Math- Making Change activity, rocket math
Reading- discuss story do selection test
Spelling- review
Multiage- Mapping
Grammar- page 12
Handwriting- pi
Opening- Art
Math- Spiral review 1-13, problem of the day, rocket math more about decimals page 34-36
Reading- Fact and Opinion wb. 37 phonics 38
Spelling- Test pass out next weeks list, daily spelling
Multiage- Gridiron geography
Grammar- 13